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    Thanks for stopping by! I'm Nicole and I'm a free spirited, fun loving, baby whispering, yoga pants obsessed, open to a fault, social media loving millenial. The sun is my spirit animal, the water is my soulmate, and the mountains are always calling my name. I play my music realllllly loud and I dance while I cook. I have a fierce love for my family, friends, and God. I am not afraid to admit that life isn't perfect and somedays I am just pretending to adult through this beautiful mess we call life. I have been in business 9 plus years and work full time as a portrait photographer!

    I am a wife and mom to two spirited and beautiful children:) When they aren't driving me a little cray cray, they inspire me every day to use the art of photography to capture our memories. They are my muses and you will see lots of them in my work!I love children and mine are as silly as I come so don't worry if you are 90% sure your toddler is going to make me chase the smiles or if your child is painfully shy. I am dedicated to getting fabulous images for all my clients and not afraid of hard work.

    I believe that kindness, compassion, and love are the answer to anything and everything. Lots of my clients have turned into friends and I am hoping many of you will too.



Getting to know me… 2018 edition

Every year this is the one blog post I make sure I do but it get a little harder every year to come up with things I haven’t shared. The thing about this job is  I get invited to so many special moments and I want people to feel like they know a little bit about the person behind the camera. So here we go….

  1. I’m looking for a good lift me up seminar! Local or close to Raleigh! Any recommendations? Current plan is to stalk @nancyray @cheyenneshultz and @katelynjames (three amazing inspiring Christian female photographers) and see where they are speaking or attending!
  2. I wish I had more candid shots of my kids and I. Sometimes I wonder people might be intimidated to take shots of us because I’m a photographer! 😂
  3. After I die I have instructed my best friend to wait 6 months and then randomly post jokes from my facebook  posts. Mom please hide the clown for me too!!!!
  4. I shop at every grocery store around me because I like them for different reasons! Can’t wait for Publix to open down the street, wish it was a Trader Joe’s still!
  5. A trend I just can’t get behind, Ugg boots. Uglier than crocs to me. I just can’t. (Edited to add. My daughter came home and asked for a pair a week after I typed this! They are currently her very favorite posession)
  6. I am intrigued by the idea of moving out of the country and living a much simpler and tropical life.  The families that do this seem so free! Maybe one day I will get the nerve and be able to talk my husband into it.
  7. I was going to purchase a louis vuitton bag but choose a week at the beach instead. Designer taste with a wanderlust heart.
  8. I hate sushi, but I go with my girls all the time and just eat rice.  Because FOMO.
  9. I was never a cheerleader but a lot of people assume I was.
  10. We are simplifying our parental approach with #finalfaby starting with creating a nursery nook in our room instead of a full nursery.
  11. My middle name growing up was Michelle which was the same as my mom’s but I decided to replace it with Sloan when I got married.
  12. I was super excited about a birth center birth for the new baby but I may not be able to now and I am super worried about ending up disappointed. Trying not to have too many expectations so I can truly enjoy the moment no matter what happens. #plannerproblems
  13. I am OBSESSED with the cantonese bbq buns at Brewery Bahavana.
  14. I can eat baby yellow tomatoes like candy.
  15. When I was a teenager I covered my closet walls with teeny bopper pretty boys! Hanson, BSB, JTT, and prince William all watched me sleep.
  16. I can recite almost all the words to Grease, My Girl, and Dirty Dancing.
  17. Going into this pregnany I had zero prefrence on gender, but over time I realized there is a part of me hoping for a girl because for so long I identified as a mom of two girls and a boy and with how everything turned out with my stepdaughter I feel a little like I lost a daughter.  (With that being said I assume my baby will be healthy, but people keep asking if I have a prefrence.) Dave and Lucas are hoping for a boy and Sloan has already decided it IS a girl and she only wants a sister. Either way this baby will be so loved.
  18. My son is competing in his first chess competition in a few weeks.
  19. Everything we have purchased for this baby (which isn’t much, and only the essentials) has been paid for with money I have got from getting rid of things we do not use! #simplify
  20. My words for 2018 are Simplify and Self-care. There is so much we have we do not use or need. And I have to take better care of myself!
  21. I recently became obsessed with gel nail polish, with people watching my hands all the time while I work with their babies I never used to wear nail polish because it would barely last 12 hours for me! This is part of the self care goal!
  22. My kids would eat at subway everyday! It also cracks me up they are both seriously into salads right now!!
  23. One of my bucket list items is to live out of the country for at least a month, and immerse us into the culture. Has anyone done this with kids during the summer? I want to make this happen, and it’s going to require a lot of planning.
  24. If my husband believed in push presents I would ask for a SUP (stand up paddle board) instead of jewelry! I’ll be asking for amazon gift cards for my birthday!
  25. I photographed three of the girls in Sloan’s kindergarten class as newborns!


And for a little more of a glance into my everyday life here is one second from almost everyday in 2017!

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