All sessions include travel up to 15 miles from 27613. First decide the type of look you want (Field? Lake? Park? Home? Downtown?). Typically, early morning is when children are their happiest! Early morning and/or sunset make for the most amazing lighting.  I have a list of options in the triangle area but I love hearing about new options as well!

Props: I can use as many or as few as you would love. I have many options for children and lots for newborns! I encourage you to think outside of the box and personalize your session! Bring our child's favorite toy or book! Know someone with a cool vintage car? an air plane? An awesome piece of furniture? Let's bring it to a field and create a work of art you and your family can enjoy forever!! 

Maternity Sessions: 
I suggest shooting your maternity session around 30-35 weeks. Most schedule their sessions in advance during their first or second trimester! Husbands and siblings are always welcome to join in on the fun to capture this amazing moment in your life! Maternity sessions are available on location or at my home studio. 

Newborn Sessions:
It is never too early to book a newborn session. I book your due date with a $150 retainer. If you are given an induction/c-section date, the actual session date can be booked in advance. If not I will expect a call from you when baby arrives. The perfect time to photograph a newborn is 7-21 days old. With newborns they rule the session! We stop when they are fussy or need some extra loving from mom! Expect around two hours! I provide props all I need from you is a sleepy baby! 

Infants and toddlers: 
I am a mother and I love to photograph the little ones even if their favorite word is "no" and their favorite game is to run away! I have plenty of refrences who can share that I make it a fun experience for them and they opened up to me! I welcome outfit changes but I find more then 3 cuts into the photo time! You can change things up by adding or removing layers and accessories! When you feel like your child is done please let me know. We can break or call it a day! 

Family sessions:
The question I get the most is: what should we wear? The answer: Whatever you feel  fabulous in! Avoid patterns and colors that clash but that does not mean avoid patterns or color completely! I Especially love kids in bright colors (jewel tones are my favorite)!! I like to shoot a variety  but keep it quick and everyone moving and happy! I suggest making sure kids have a snack before they come! 

Nicole Faby Photography reserves the right to use any picture in any form such as, but not limited to the use in advertising, reproduction, and copyright.  Prices are subject to change without notice.